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Abercorn Surveyors Ltd provides three types of report for prospective purchasers of residential properties:

1. Market Valuation
A Market Valuation report is not prepared on a full survey but is similar to that which would be prepared for a mortgage lender.

2. ISVA Homesurvey Report
The ISVA Homesurvey Report is very popular and is the equivalent of the RICS Homebuyers Report. It will advise on the general condition of the property, including comments on structural defects, dampness and timber problems, together with the general condition of the building fabric. The report will highlight urgent or significant repairs and will also comment on whether the agreed purchase price is considered to be reasonable. A valuation for insurance rebuilding purposes is also included with this report. (download sample report)

3. Building Survey Report
The third type of survey is a Building Survey Report (often called a Structural Survey). This is well suited to larger/older houses and can be tailored to the client’s individual requirements. It will describe the construction of the property and detail the condition of the structure and fabric. It will give technical advice on defects and remedial works required.

WARNING It is recommended by the RICS that only one of the above three reporting types be used for residential properties at the point of purchase. Abercorn Surveyors Ltd have specific conditions of engagement for each of these report types stating specifically what is and is not included in the service. Other firms may offer other types of survey for example, “significant defect reports”. Great care should be taken to read any conditions of engagement before agreeing to commission such a service.



Valuations of property are required for a variety of purposes. These include:-

  • Valuations for mortgage lending security
  • Valuations for probate (death duty) purposes
  • Valuations for taxation purposes including retrospective valuations
  • Valuations for inheritance tax purposes
  • Valuations for divorce settlement purposes
  • Valuations for Compulsory Purchase purposes
  • Valuations for Planning (Section 106agreement) purposes
  • Valuations for partial disposal or acquisition purposes
  • Valuations of properties with sitting tenants or subject to life interests
  • Valuations for rental purposes

All our Surveyors are RICS Registered Valuers.
Abercorn Surveyors Ltd is qualified and experienced in all the valuation circumstances listed above.

A Specific Defect Report is normally commissioned where a building suffers from a specific defect or a series of related defects. A Specific Defect Report will provide detailed analysis on the likely causes of the defect and give advice on remedial works necessary to alleviate the problem.

Abercorn Surveyors Ltd can undertake valuations for insurance reinstatement purposes. This figure is the cost of providing a like-for-like replacement should a building be damaged or destroyed by flooding, fire etc. It includes the cost of clearing the site and all fees involved in providing the replacement building. Insurance valuations are prepared using the latest BCIS guidance figures.


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